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Will I know what classes I need to take?

Yes, an education plan will be developed for you by your Graduation Coach.

Can I complete my entire degree at SDC?

Yes, SDC offers associates degree programs as well as online and on site degree completion programs.

Can I afford an education?

Yes, financial aid is available. Money for college is available through scholarships, grants, and loans. Also many companies offer employees tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance.

Is SDC accredited?

Yes, SDC is regionally accredited with Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). SDC is also a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

Can I keep my job and complete my degree?

Yes, SDC has course schedules that are flexible to allow working adults to go to college in the evenings or online. Students may also develop hybrid models to include both types of classrooms.

Can I use my VA Benefits at SDC?

Yes, SDC is approved by the Veterans Administration and SDC is a participating Yellow Ribbon College.

Do I need my own computer to take an online class? Do I need to have internet access?

Having your own computer with internet access can make taking an online class less stressful as you will be able to participate in class as your schedule allows; You are not required to have your own computer to take an online class, but you must be able to use a computer with internet access two or three times a week for multiple hours each time.

How will I know when my classes begin?

Students will attend an online orientation that will provide valuable information such as how do I log in to the classroom, how do I access my courses, and how do I contact the instructor.

Do online classes have set schedules and assignment due dates?

Yes, each week assignments are due at 11:59 pm on Sunday evening. The only exception will be assignments that will span over a couple weeks, those assignment due dates will be posted within the online classroom.

Most online classes have assignments that require students to post through blogs and discussions. Students must be engaged throughout the week in order to complete the required discussions.

Do I have to access my class at a particular time every day?

Online classes do not “meet” at a set time every day. Students have the flexibility to access the class at different times throughout the day according to their individual schedules. (This is called asynchronous learning.) An online class may have students from all over the globe who would find it extremely difficult to get together online at the same time. As a general rule you should plan to access your online class three times a week for multiple hours each time.

Is everything I need on the Internet?

Yes, all online classroom lectures, videos, handouts, activities, and textbooks will be available to you online.

How do I turn in assignments?

All assignments will be turned in through a Dropbox located within your online classroom. Assignments will run through Turn It In, a plagiarism software before being reviewed by your professor.

Will I be taking any exams, and if so, how?

You will complete a variety of activities as a part of learning experience. Tests and quizzes may be required depending on the course. View the lessons within your online classroom for further details of the required components of your class.

What technology is required for online courses?

In order to be fully prepared for you online course work, you need to be able to have regular access to the internet in order to log in to your courses. The following technology requirements will help you succeed in this learning environment.

  • Use LMS-compatible browsers: Most browsers work well fine with your online program, but Mozilla Firefox is preferred. For optimal performance, your computer must be set up to accept cookies and pop-ups.
  • Microsoft Office: In order to be successful in your courses, and to receive the best support from our Technical Support team, you should have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Microsoft 365 is provided for you to download, install, and use free, for as long as you are a student at SDC.

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